Tim Woodward # Ring around the dowser

  • Jahr: 2014
  • Genre: Kunst
  • Länge: 11'20''
  • Kunde: Tim Woodward

Ring Around The Dowser, 2014
Single channel HD video

A priest explains the religious ceremony of profanation, in a video portrait of the Donald Judd sculpture Untitled [1977] as it exists in 2014.

'...shooting took place at the Donald Judd sculpture at Lake Aa, which was installed in 1977 for the first Sculpture Project. For nearly forty years this work of art has been part of the public space of the city. In the eleven minute video RING AROUND THE DOWSER, a priest explains from a personal point of view the process of profanation. The work‘s title references both a technical detail of a film apparatus, and on the other hand „dowsing“ is a method to locate secret, hidden or missing things. Complimenting the video, a sculptural work [titled, MARTHA SUN DECK] was created as a seating area in the exhibition space of the Geomuseum.'

Carola Uehlken, Lejla Aliev, Manuel Talarico and Jan Enste.
FAK13 Curators

Cinematography: Jan Enste