Fido, der Außerwestfälische

  • Year: 2021
  • Genre: Animation
  • Client: Stiftung Westfalen Initiative // LWL Medienzentrum für Westfalen // Co-Produktion Juli Film
Preview image for Fido, der Außerwestfälische

Fido - the one from outside Westphalia
Season I - Crashed in Westphalia

A pasture somewhere in Westphalia. Suddenly a UFO strikes - in front of a farmer and a cow. The alien Fido looks out of the UFO, not knowing what to expect here in Westphalia. This is how the 18-part animated short film series entitled "Fido, the Out-of-Westphalia" begins.
The series was jointly commissioned by the LWL Media Centre for Westphalia and the Westphalia Initiative Foundation. Self-ironically exaggerated and with a wink, it conveys the peculiarities of Westphalia's cultural and linguistic areas in 18 short animated clips (25-60 seconds). Whether at the shooting match, underground or at the drinking hall - the series contributes to identification with Westphalia in a humorous way.
In the process, "Fido, the non-Westphalian" is an outsider who gets to know the region. Through his eyes, we experience the amiable idiosyncrasies of the people of Westphalia in various everyday situations - from Siegerland to the Ruhr region to the Dutch border in Westmünsterland.
Every Monday, an episode about the alien and his adventures appears on the Facebook page of the Westphalia Initiative Foundation: fb - Stiftung Westfalen Initiative
Following the initial publication, the episodes will be released here.

Production management: Lejla Aliev, Jan Enste
Book: Christian Ronig
Animation: Adnan Al Orbeni
Music: Daniel Paterok
with: Tashina Mende, Sophia Demming, Uli Tarner, Ronja Khairat, Mauel Talarico, Hannes Demming