Yannis Karpouzis # Magdalena Hausen - Die gefrorene Zeit

  • Year: 2023
  • Genre: Short
  • Length: 25'
Preview image for Yannis Karpouzis # Magdalena Hausen - Die gefrorene Zeit

Greek-German co-production.
Written, directed by: Yannis Karpouzis
Executive producers: Juli Film (DE) and Empty Square (GR).
Funded by: Greek Film Center, Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation SA (ERT), Kunststiftung NRW (DE).

with: Hanna Schygulla, Lina Helfrich, Sandra Sieber, David Brückner, Ines Schiller, Jonas Riemer, Andreas Pietschmann
Head of Costume: Johanna Schraut
Head of Make-Up: Carlotta Whan
Music: Eleni Karaindrou

"Magdalena Hausen - The Frozen Time" is an experimental film project that combines the content level on the political situation in Europe with an aesthetic level of artistic reflection on the medium of photography. In a fictional story, the life of the politically committed German photographer Magdalena Hausen is told at various intervals in time. With the help of her photo archive, the photographer asks herself questions about the nature of time and the forms of memory. The life task of photographing the "wind", taken over from her father who disappeared at an early age, leads her to the realisation that there is a need for a different basis for a European identity, one that draws on the long struggle for social justice. With the exception of two brief moments, the experimental film is told through still images, most of which are photographed in analogue, then scanned and assembled into a narrative, to be exposed on 35mm film stock and again scanned as the final screening copy.

Project in post production.
Image: © Yannis Karpouzis