• Year: 2019
  • Genre: Art
  • Length: 6'56''
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Festival Premiere: See The Sound - The Music Film Festival Cologne

A film by Daniel Felipe Tamayo Gómez, Hanieh Bozorgnia and Lejla Aliev.
Directed by Hanieh Bozorgnia and Lejla Aliev
Camera: Lejla Aliev
Lighting: Sarel Debrand-Passard
Editing and grading: Lejla Aliev
Performance: Bastian Buddenbrock, Goa-Louisa Kollewijn, Pablo Antonio Alvarado Mejia
Composition Music: Daniel Felipe Tamayo Gómez
Piano, Guitar, Vibraphone: Daniel Felipe Tamayo Gómez
Flute: Francesco Marzano
Double bass: Victor Gelling
Music production: Leon Eckard
Mentoring: Klaus Merkel, Michael Borgstede, Tobias Hartmann
Thanks to: Bruno Klimek
Created in the Laboratory of the Arts, Montepulciano