Preußen & Westfalen 2

  • Year: 2023
  • Genre: Docu-Fiction
  • Client: LWL The Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe
Preview image for Preußen & Westfalen 2

Production Juli Film
Production Management: Lejla Aliev, Jan Enste
Director: Lejla Aliev, Production Designer DoP: Jan Enste

Screenplay: Valentin Schneider
Series based on an idea by Mark Lorei

Production design: Lena Tiffert
Assistant production designer: Max Bahr
Costume Design: Emily Schumann
Assistant costume design: Carrie Laudowicz
Make-up design: Anna Jüngling
Second make-up: Stella Gade
Senior lighting technician: Lisa Maria Müller
Head lighting technician: Quentin Federau
Best Boy: Jons Beucher
Original sound: Hannes Marget
Camera operator:Gunar Peters
Set AL: Greta Blaudzun
Assistant set AL: Lars-Benjamin Pätzold
Production Assistant: Alina Aliev
Catering: Hüls Catering
2D + 3D animation: Adnan Al Orbeni
Music: Jan Enste
Sound design: Hannes Marget
Graphics: Manuel Meyer
Editing and colour design: Lejla Aliev, Jan Enste
Film equipment: CineOne GmbH
Lighting equipment: SpottLight Dortmund
Vehicle fleet: Star Car GmbH
Filmed in Hopsten, Leeden, Mettingen in November 2022

The second season tells of the end of the German Reich in the province of Westphalia and is set in a period shortly before the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 until shortly after the end of the war in the winter of 1918. The narrative focuses on two women, Marie and Käthe, who meet at four different points in time in a village in the Tecklenburg region. Their personal stories bring to life the social upheavals of their time in Westphalia.

In episode 1, Käthe meets the activist Marie during a rally for International Women's Day in a village in the Tecklenburger Land. Käthe gets into a conflict with her brother Heinrich, who holds on to valid values and morals.

In episode 2, Käthe and Marie experience the outbreak of World War I and are swept away by the jubilation of the villagers. Among the men volunteering for war service are Käthe's brother Heinrich and his friend Paul.

In episode 3, Käthe is working in the village hospital run by Marie's mother Luise when Heinrich's friend Paul is brought in seriously wounded. Käthe's brother Heinrich is presumed missing. Despite the terrible news, Marie and Käthe see their chance for more equality in their war service on the home front.

In episode 4, Käthe and Marie experience the upheavals after the end of the world war. Käthe's ideas of an independent life collide with the expectations of her family. A quarrel ensues and Käthe decides to move to the big city with Marie.